Weave Fowler and Stephen Branca have been playing and composing music together for more than 30 years. In the mid 80s they made a significant name for themselves composing tunes and performing locally. In 1990 they marked their first recording manage Silver Wave Records, a free name out of Stone, Colorado. Over a four-year time span, the team discharged three universally circulated Albums with Silver Wave.

Their first Cd, "The Confront on Cydonia", got broad national airplay and was in the Main 10 on numerous new grown-up contemporary radio graphs. Music from "TFOC" was likewise utilized on link arrange Television programs like "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous" and "The Climate Channel". Their second Album, "Etched In Stone" moved rapidly to the highest point of the graphs and was chosen for Grammy Selection thought. When Fowler and Branca’s third Album, "Three Flights Up", was discharged, their music could be heard on more than 350 stations in the USA with medium to overwhelming revolution – including over twelve "The Wave" Arrange Stations (noted for moving the Smooth Jazz drift) in California alone.

In 1995 Silver Wave settled on a choice that tested the eventual fate of Fowler and Branca, when they changed their concentration to Local American Music. Weave and Steve were baffled by the change. It could have denoted the finish of their melody composing vocation, however they kept on composing and finished their fourth Cd "Real Decent Ride", another extraordinary case of their interesting songwriting style. They likewise contracted to compose for top music libraries, where their music is at present circulated universally for use in movies, documentaries, Arrange Programs, for example, "20/20", and television and radio ads.

It’s June 2011 and Fowler and Branca are back… with a champ!

Their freshest Album "If Wishes Were Steeds, Bums Would Ride" demonstrates what their fans and pundits alike have dependably thought. These are two performers/musicians who are working on a higher melodic and innovative level. "If Wishes Were Horses…" offers more "edge" and "smooth jazz" vibe than their past Cds, and draws motivation from an assorted asset of melodic impacts.

One thing is clear, Sway Fowler and Steve Branca are not quite recently awesome performers; they are likewise greatly capable musicians. Weave plays worried and fretless bass, guitar, consoles and handles building and drum programming. Steve plays acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, and consoles, and is the visual creator of their Album bundling and site: www.fowlerandbranca.com. Weave and Steve play a large portion of the instruments on their tracks, however are at times joined by some unbelievably capable artist companions. They compose, record and ace all their music at Sway’s studio, SSR Recording in Smithville, NJ – a best in class multi-track office equipped with a great stockpile of programming, sound examples, instruments and vintage mouthpieces.

"If Wishes Were Stallions, Homeless people Would Ride" was right around 2 years really taking shape, and for enthusiasts of Fowler and Branca, it is definitely justified even despite the hold up. In any case, for the armies of new fans that will soon discover them, their most recent collection is a look at two of the most capable and talented individuals in the music business.

Showing their overall interest, a late gleaming survey on a well known European Smooth Jazz site "Smooth and Soul" (http://www.smooth-jazz.de/index.htm) expressed, "If Wishes Were Steeds, Poor people Would Ride is without uncertainty Sway Fowler’s and Steve Branca’s tuneful landmark sparkling over all melodic genre."

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