While going in India, Scott Rice went to a town where the craft of paper making has been rehearsed since 1590. High quality paper is created from 100% reused cotton fiber. The stock is without corrosive, authentic quality, and essentially delightful. Scott knew this was the solution for client’s solicitations for a la mode photograph bundling that is ok for photographs and safe for the earth.

Rice Studio Supply gladly shows the Artisan Picture Case, an eco-accommodating presentation bundle with characteristic deckle edges in a profound cocoa shading. The paper is carefully assembled one sheet at once, utilizing common items, so no two deckle edges are indistinguishable. The Artisan Representation Case will be accessible in sizes 5×7, 8×10, 8×12, 11×14, and 16×20 later this fall. The ECO CHIC LINE will likewise incorporate Compact disc sleeves, Cd folios, and collection boxes produced using artisan paper, in addition to remorselessness free cowhide presentation envelopes and Album folios.

Rice Studio Supply will offer these items from eco-accommodating paper at an indistinguishable cost from mass created wood mash papers. RSS gauges that the change from virgin paper to carefully assembled cotton paper will spare 72 trees every year.

Scott Rice, President of RSS said: "Respect for the earth is a piece of our organization attitude. We’ve sold reused bundling for over a quarter century, accept each open door to put up more items for sale to the public. Green business is great business. Discover why picture takers from more than 20 nations depend on us for planet well disposed bundling as special as their own style."

Rice Studio Supply…Brand…Package…Deliver

Rice Studio Supply is a wholesaler of premium bundling for the photography business, established in 1983 by Scott Rice and co-claimed and oversaw by Zoran & Dajana Teofilovic. RSS increases the value of its earth neighborly product offering with excellent printing of custom logos. The most reduced set up and print charges in the business make marked bundling accessible to even the littlest studio. More than 500 bundling items are accessible at www.ricestudiosupplies.com. RSS offers extraordinary client benefit and a Partner Program for expert speakers, affiliations and sellers.

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