The Harvey Lembeck Satire Workshop is the chief comic drama class in Los Angeles. Among its proficient understudies you’ll discover more than 150 Oscar, Emmy, Droop and Tony Grant champs and candidates.

The Harvey Lembeck Drama Workshop has been helping performing artists enhance their parody aptitudes for over 46 years.

The Workshop instructs a performing artist how to play comic drama honest to goodness in a scene. The classes are intended for performing artists who wish to practice their satire aptitudes for television and film. It is the most secure environment for performers to go for broke and work on their art.

The Workshop utilizes act of spontaneity as a device to upgrade and hone comedic aptitudes. The classes empower performing artists to have more noteworthy accomplishment in both their tryouts and in the working environment.

They welcome every single viewpoint understudy to review a free acting class preceding joining to guarantee that the Workshop is the thing that the individual performing artist is searching for.

This season their understudies can be seen on The Center, Toss, Happiness, Check Your Energy, Stronghold, The Conan O’Brien Show, Amusing or Bite the dust, General Doctor’s facility, The Youthful & The Eager, Private Practice, Hawaii 5-0, Bones, Bluebloods, NCIS, NCIS LA, CSI, Peace, Supah Ninga, and some more!

Their understudies can likewise be seen on ads/promos for On Star, Dynamic Protection, Passage, AT&T, Microsoft, Connect Stone Tires, Volkswagen, Verizon, Metro PC, Joined Social insurance, Bing, UPS, Snappy Excursion, and Burger joints Drive-Ins & Jumps.

2011 denoted the Workshop’s 46th commemoration and, under the bearing of Harvey’s kids, Helaine and Michael Lembeck, proceeds with its conventions of supporting and preparing the finest of comedic ability, continually satisfying the norms set by Harvey Lembeck more than four decades prior.

The Workshop has now turned out to be one of the significant impacts in the field of satire with understudies performing, composing, coordinating and creating the absolute most fruitful items in both TV and film today. Be a piece of parody history!

Previous understudies include: Robin Williams, Bryan Cranston, Penny Marshall, John Ritter, Kim Catrall, John Larroquette, Jenna Elfman, Brandon Barash, Mary Kay Put, Ted McGinley, Scott Baio, and Sharon Stone.

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The Harvey Lembeck Satire Workshop

Los Angeles, CA


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