Exactness Eye Care is presently offering full administration audiology administrations to Long Island Occupants. Accuracy Audiology offers proficient listening to administrations that incorporate thorough listening to testing, custom fitting of portable amplifiers, and amplifier repair. Giving listening to administrations at Accuracy Eye Care are audiologists Katelyn Stoehr, Au.D., CCC-An and Jennifer Costa, AuD., CCC-A.

Dr. Stoehr got her BA in discourse and listening to science and MS in Audiology from Adelphi College. She is an authorized audiologist and enrolled amplifier gadget in New York State, working with both grown-ups and youngsters from diagnosing listening to misfortune to fitting enhancement.

Dr. Costa is an authorized audiologist in New York State, and shares her ability diagnosing listening to misfortune in grown-ups and also kids and in fitting cutting edge listening to instruments. She states, "At Exactness Audiology Listening to Center, our main need is furnishing patients with the most noteworthy standard of care. Patients merit energy, learning and trust, and in addition the guarantee of a promise to cooperate to locate the most suitable listening to instrument to enhance correspondence and nature of life."

The Exactness Audiology Listening to Center administers an entire line of amplifiers and assistive listening gadgets for all ages and in addition swim molds, ear shape, and clamor defenders. Included is a 45 day trial on all new listening devices with finish administration, repair, and FREE BATTERIES Forever!

As indicated by Richard G. Davis MD, "As we know, both vision and listening to start to decay as we age and we can distinguish issues and treatment alternatives early. Our listening to administrations are offered with cutting edge testing instruments and the demonstrable skill and predominant care that our patients have generally expected at Exactness Eye Care."

Accuracy Eye Care is viewed as a main ophthalmology hone in Huntington NY and serves the Suffolk and Nassau regions of Long Island. Administrations and strategies include: Propelled waterfall surgery with Premium Intraocular Focal point choices, Glaucoma surgery (Particular Laser Trabeculoplasty), and Toyos Ideal Dry Eye Treatment. Moreover, Dr. Davis now performs cutting edge Femtosecond Laser Refractive Waterfall Surgery at the Island Eye Surgicenter in Carle Put, NY.

The Accuracy Audiology Listening to Center welcomes new and existing patients to contact our audiologists at 631-462-1900 for more data about the listening to administrations at Exactness Audiology Listening to Center or visit their site at http://accuracy audiology.com/hearing-administrations.

About Exactness Eye Mind:

Exactness Eye Mind situated in Huntington, NY Long Island is a thorough eye mind office giving surgical and restorative eye mind, listening to administrations and a full administration optical shop. Established by Richard G. Davis MD, in 2000, Accuracy Eye Mind uses the freshest advancements to analyze and treat their patients. Dr. Davis executed his own particular electronic medicinal records framework and has as of late propelled the iRead telephone Application for iPhones and Android clients. The staff at Accuracy Eye Mind consistently looks for new and demonstrated symptomatic innovation to offer their patients. Visit their site at exactness eyecare.com to find out about the many administrations that they offer or call 631-462-2020 for extra data.

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