GeoData In addition, the main hotspot for deals comparables, pre-dispossessions and other property data in the New York-Metro region, declares the finishing of a zoning map for all of Nassau Province.

Nassau Province is not in charge of keeping up a Region wide zoning map, so every town, city and town makes its own. This outcomes in appraisers and other land experts calling or heading off to these districts each time they require a zoning code.

GeoData In addition to experienced an agony staking procedure of gathering zoning maps from each district, and consolidating them into one guide. Adrian Cox, GIS Expert for GeoData clarifies "This included checking, enlisting, and digitizing each guide. A huge measure of exactness, time and assets were included to ensure we did this right."

The zoning maps are coordinated into GeoData Direct, GeoData’s web application that gives nitty gritty property reports, deals comparables, lis pendens and other vital data. Clients will have the capacity to view zoning subtle elements on property reports, deals comparables and lis pendens (pre-dispossessions) in Nassau District.

About GeoData In addition to

GeoData In addition to is an information source utilized by a large number of land experts all through the condition of New York. GeoData’s customers are appraisers, land operators, financial specialists, contract organizations and assessment lessening experts. Administrations incorporate definite property reports, deals comparables, dispossessions, contracts, available to be purchased/for lease postings and maps.

GeoData began in 2000 as desktop application utilized by a little number of appraisers and property impose decrease experts. It has since advanced into an online application utilized by a great many land experts all through the whole condition of New York.

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