MeritDirect are the greatest and the best in their field, the administration of ace mailing records, and we are glad to update our unbelievable promoting ability using their services," states Sol Bradman, Chief, Security Arrangements Universal (SSI). With reductions in military spending overall numerous resistance contractual workers are taking a gander at the Country Security segment for development and MeritDirect will make accessible SSI records in:

Country Security Masterfile from SSI with more than 92200+ contacts.

SSI, get ready for its second decade of preparing and media in the Country Security area, having fabricated one of the most grounded and most trustworthy select in records thus of preparing, electronic pamphlets and their leader distribution, the Counter Fear monger Magazine, is preparing for vital organizations that will take the organization worldwide from 2013-2023.

SSI has helped numerous different organizations achieve the Country Security segment as advisors for organizations planning new items or administrations. Presently, through MeritDirect organizations will have the capacity to achieve this very focused on hard to achieve assemble. Country Security is led at Government, State and Neighborhood level and achieving these organizations has been the center quality of SSI since 2003.

About SSI

Our dedication to serve the countries’ Military and Specialist on call penetrates all that we do. From planning preparing items, to the Magazine, everything is quality since we find that an imperative commitment we can make. We trust that American resourcefulness will win the lopsided clashes that portray our time. Our occupation here is to help the mission of our overcome Military and People on call.


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