Like never before some time recently, time impacts what we do and when we do it. What’s more, that is especially genuine with regards to orthodontic treatment. At Wu Orthodontics we need you to begin making the most of your new grins as quickly as time permits without being overloaded by extensive treatment and obsolete innovation.

The Unavoidable issue is The reason

Why might you need props in any case? There are absolutely many reasons, however the absolute most regular incorporate A more alluring grin, lessened appearance-awareness amid basic advancement years, better capacity of the teeth, increment in fearlessness expanded capacity to clean the teeth enhanced constrain dispersion and wear examples of the teeth, better long haul wellbeing of teeth and gums, guides lasting teeth into more good positions, props diminish the danger of damage to jutted front teeth lastly supports help in streamlining other dental treatment you may require.

At Wu Orthodontics, the distinction in our orthodontic office is our dedication to giving non-obtrusive, non-extraction orthodontic treatment. Dr. Eric Wu offers both Damon Framework Props and Invisalign Clear Supports as contrasting options to rectifying teeth that is quicker and more agreeable than conventional orthodontic supports! Both techniques regularly don’t require tooth extractions and that implies that you’re ready to encounter less agony, have less office visits, and snappier arrangements, also additional time making the most of their new grin!

The Prior the Better

It’s in an individual’s best enthusiasm to start orthodontic treatment as ahead of schedule as would be prudent. That is the reason Dr. Wu utilizes Stage I and Stage II treatment approachs. What is Stage I and Stage II treatment? Stage I, or early interceptive treatment, is restricted orthodontic treatment before the greater part of the lasting teeth have emitted. Such treatment can happen between the ages of six and ten. This treatment is now and again prescribed to make more space for creating teeth, revision of cross-chomps, overbites, under-nibbles, or hurtful oral propensities.

Stage II treatment is additionally called exhaustive treatment since it includes full supports when the greater part of the changeless teeth have ejected, ordinarily between the ages of eleven and thirteen. We restrain early treatment to circumstances where it really matters and where it can have any kind of effect to general treatment results. In any case, don’t stress. You’ll be upbeat to realize that more than 25% of our patients at Wu Orthodontics are grown-ups. Which implies you can appreciate a sound grin at any age!

The Damon Framework

The Damon Framework offers self-ligating, low erosion, light constrain orthodontics for Dr. Wu’s patients. Pick Damon Framework props for your orthodontic treatment! Damon Framework props mean less rubbing, not so much agony, but rather more time spent grinning! Damon props give a sheltered, perfect, speedy and successful approach to treat orthodontic patients. With Damon supports you can encounter the advantages of a straighter grin in less time than with customary metal props and with more solace.

Invisalign and Invisalign High schooler

Invisalign utilizes a progression of tweaked, clear aligners to rectify teeth in a faster measure of time and with less office visits than conventional supports. A huge number of orthodontists in the Assembled States and Canada utilize Invisalign supports to precisely and adequately treat their patients. Furthermore, your Invisalign aligners are altered to fit your mouth. Dr. Wu utilizes propelled 3-D PC imaging innovation to duplicate a correct impression of your mouth and teeth, then he alters each aligner with the goal that it fits your mouth, and after some time moves your teeth into the best possible position.

Help Us Help You Accomplish the Grin You’ve Generally Needed

Try not to give time a chance to conflict with you! The clock is ticking for such a large number of features of our bustling lives, don’t give it a chance to run out on a sound, wonderful grin. All it takes is that first complimentary interview. Dr. Wu and his staff anxiously anticipate you at his Palo Alto, CA office situated at 1865 el Camino Genuine, (Tel: 650-322-0288). Kindly visit our site at look at the blog at

A WUnderful grin is sitting tight for you at Wu Orthodontics!

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