Joomla-facilitating met Tenko Nikolov, the Chief of SiteGround Web Facilitating organization, on what it does to show such momentous outcomes in the Joomla execution tests keep running by the catalog. A week ago, the registry uncovered the aftereffects of its tests on top Joomla facilitating suppliers where speed, security and support were assessed. SiteGround was recorded as the main host for the principal quarter of 2013 in light of those tests.

As per SiteGround’s Chief, the organization reasoning and the way they do things are what make SiteGround outflank its rivals in the Joomla facilitating fragment. The organization’s central goal is to convey a superb facilitating and make their clients appreciate the administration. They accomplish that because of creative specialized arrangements and solid support for the clients.

Gotten some information about speed and security, SiteGround’s Chief says that a large portion of the arrangements they actualize are either in-house created or are outsider programming intensely tried and changed by the SiteGround group. Tenko gave a few reasons why their servers demonstrated quicker than the rest, however gave most credit to their SuperCacher – an outsider reserving arrangement that was intensely altered in-house to play out the most ideal route for SiteGround locales.

As far as support, SiteGround Chief trusts that they contrast from their rivals not just in light of the fact that they offer quick and master bolster, additionally on the grounds that they accomplish for their Joomla clients more than different hosts do. Supporting Joomla application issues and well known modules are two highlights specified by Tenko.

SiteGround Chief clarified what other Joomla administrations they offer that add extra indicates their picture as the best Joomla have for the primary quarter of 2013 – Joomla auto-establishment, auto-updater, free Joomla augmentations and layouts, and a free instructional exercise were said.

You can read the full meeting with SiteGround’s Chief here and see the review comes about on Joomla-facilitating catalog quarterly report.

Joomla-Facilitating is represented considerable authority in observing hosts that work with Joomla and value their administration in the moderate $2.00 – $10/month run. The objective of the catalog is to help Joomla client locate a solid host at a sensible cost.

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