Do you wish your youngster could talk two dialects? Need to help your children to connect with additional in bilingual perusing?

All things considered, one mother of bilingual kids has taken matters into her own particular hands and made the book "Tales of the Moon – Cuentos de la Luna" to help her own particular kids and others interface mentally in both English and Spanish.

Stories of the Moon-Cuentos de la Luna’s fundamental concentration is to show kids ages 9-12 to make key associations between both dialects while exploring the story, through vivid and attractive representations outlined as a simple technique for taking in a moment dialect.

"This book is particularly adapted to bilingual youngsters that need to rapidly assimilate the abilities and wealth of a moment dialect having the capacity to peruse and compose with simplicity," says writer Claudia Zamora, an instructive consultant, Life Mentor and the Organizer of the Otherworldly Exercise center System where she, uses her aptitude as an instructor and mother, to create functional devices that urge children to take in another dialect.

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Contact: Claudia Zamora

Telephone: 305-747-3004

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