Le Petit Marche LA(The Little Market) is an outside the box art and classical show. Not exclusively is it the best place to buy phenomenal blessings, yet it’s a workmanship and specialty encounter dissimilar to whatever other. With it’s little scale scene, independent crafters, residential community feel, and delightful stylistic layout, The Little Market endeavors to search out and give the most elite for both it’s sellers and benefactors. Expect high caliber, moderate items and the cutest stalls you’ve ever observed.

Los Angeles houses a flourishing art and autonomous specialists group. We are just a center for these creators to meet up and grandstand their fine, elective items under one rooftop.

Every craftsman is looked over among numerous skilled candidates to show up in the Little Market where he or she will highlight their very own immeasurable exhibit unique work. A high need is dependably be given to the most creative, new, and interesting do-it-without anyone’s help driven craftsmen that have innovative and frequently elective items. Whether you’re a built up craftsman or simply beginning, everybody is urged to participate!

Here are the points of interest:

The Show is on SUNDAY January nineteenth 9am – 3pm

The Area: 1031 S. Trust St. Los Angeles, CA 90015

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