Reality Kicks – the film cut for Sydonia’s Single from the collection of a similar name sees its presentation online today. An effective, instinctive melody, the clasp matches it for force and visual power.

The clasp is the main cut from Sydonia’s hotly anticipated new collection ‘The truth Kicks’ and is out Friday February seventh and is accessible now to media. Dana Roskvist, front man for the band, shot and altered the clasp himself on area in Noosa, QLD.

The four band individuals Dana Roskvist, Sam Haycroft, Adam Murray and Sean Bailey are more than satisfied with the outcomes. "It’s been a hard trudge these couple of years, completing this record and finding the correct group around us to put it out, however right now is an ideal opportunity. It’s magnificent to at long last uncover it." Said Guitarist Sam Haycroft.

The band all drove the collection inventively and were essential to the creation of the record and the going with DVD. "The collection is the perfection of a bundle of years of diligent work, sweating the little stuff and dependably with the faithful fans and companions we have made throughout the years as a top priority. This record is something we are seriously glad of," expressed Roskvist. "The DVD is our huge thank you to our fans – there’s some entirely one of a kind and once-just film in there and it’s pleasant to impart those one of a kind encounters to everybody now."

The physical collection will incorporate a Compact disc/DVD combo pack and the computerized bundle will be accessible in all great online retailers for download and gushing. The DVD will be accessible online in iTunes too.

Reality Kicks was recorded/designed between Toyland Studios (with Adam Calaitzis) and Control Road Studio and Minona Studios by the band themselves. It was created by Sydonia/Dana Roskvist.

Sydonia have visited with a portion of the world’s most noteworthy shake and metal acts including Korn, Dead Letter Carnival and Mamma land were by and by welcomed to visit all through Australia with Sheep of God after lead vocalist, Randy Blythe, heard their presentation LP ‘Given To Destroyers’ playing in a record store. The band was additionally by and by welcomed to open the US visit for Stone Sharp and the Australian visits for Slipknot and Machine Head.

One of Australia’s most diligent and productive imaginative yields in the nation, Sydonia have created eleven discharges since 1998 including singles, EPs, a Collection, a DVD and their most recent DP (EP including a DVD) ‘Sitting tight For Words That Don’t Exist’. Their music has gotten airplay on triple j, Beat Ten Ask for screenings on Channel V and radio play the nation over and the world.

The band will visit the record broadly in May and June of this current year. Reality Shows is out overall Friday February seventh through MGM Dissemination and video content online through Blue Pie Records.


"Sydonia is a band that represents the word ‘various’. The best of pop sensibilities is tempered now and again with severe anxiety. ‘No Lady’s Territory’ is a melody that ought to play on each radio station in each city on this planet!" – Randall Blythe – Sheep of God

"Seriously, in the event that you haven’t see Sydonia yet, then do as such, and on the off chance that you have

seen them some time recently, then join with me in thinking about why they are yet to

visit universally with their own supports." – INPRESS MAGAZINE

"Sydonia, they’re a truly astonishing band, and the lead vocalist has an extremely

one of a kind voice. They’re truly overwhelming however join such a large number of various vibes that it’s a tiny bit hard to sort them musically. I think that is something music’s kind of lost." – Jim Root – Slipknot/Stone Soul

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