In the a long time since it was established, her idea has turned into an eminent display scene for sketches, drawings, photographies and PC manifestations.

The Recreation center Workmanship Reasonable Universal is moving into its new home, augmenting the potential outcomes regarding space and differences. It effectively highlighted works by more than 160 exhibitors, from around 25 distinct nations, for example, Japan, China and USA, Norway and Russia, Germany and Mexico !

The following PAFI appear, the 2014 one, in Triberg operating at a profit Woodland (Triberg implies "Three Mountains") will keep running from 11 april to 14 april 2014, and is as of now setting you up colossal shocks, mirroring the numerous features of the contemporary creation : specialists whose fretful innovative brains demonstrate to us what they can do. The extremes of moderation and hyperrealism, the visual reality that difficulties, theoretical dreams as well, on an exceptional stage for feelings and craftsmanship gatherings.

After the "Call to artists" opened in november 2013, the worldwide Jury obediently observe all the works of art proposed, and up to 33 fine arts will get many notices, from good to… best in show grant.

We are pleased to state that the city of Triberg elements unmistakably, offering to the guests and to the inhabitants, an intriguing universally surely understood stop house, with extraordinary spots for guys and females. The universal press specified this distinction in numerous daily papers and magazines, a few months back.

Here is the thing that to do even ink stream, the logic and the mission of the Recreation center Craftsmanship Reasonable Worldwide is to show workmanship, far from purified dividers and mumbles in exhibitions, facilitating for a few hours contemporary craftsmanship, through this pilot social venture set up in 2009, while…. workmanship is for everybody !

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