MindMeister Develops Add-on for Google Docs

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Taking after the long and effective association amongst Google and MindMeister, which delivered incorporations in Google Joints and Google Drive, among others, MindMeister was welcome to make an extra for Google Docs, Google’s electronic office suite inside Google Drive. The extra is accessible through Google’s recently discharged extra store, which permits clients to introduce and oversee outsider applications and along these lines add new components to Google’s free web applications.

"During their plan and foundation building stage, Google contacted us to talk about a conceivable MindMeister add-on for Google Docs," MeisterLabs Overseeing Executive, Till Vollmer said. "We conceptualized a couple of various points of how such an extra could look like and what might increase the value of a Google archive. Inside about a month we built up a working model that would therefore transform into the extra accessible in Google Doc’s extra store today."

The MindMeister add-on was fabricated utilizing Google Application Script, Google’s Java Script motor in the cloud, and HTML Benefit, which empowers the serving of pages that can associate with server-side Applications Script capacities. The extra is free and doesn’t require a MindMeister account. Inside a Google record, clients can find it by means of the new extra store, and get it with just a couple clicks.

"The MindMeister add-on is a perfect little application that turns any visual cue list made in the Google archive into an outwardly engaging MindMeister mind map," Till Vollmer clarifies. "All the client needs to do is select the rundown and pick the summon ‘Embed as Mind Guide’ from the additional items menu. The guide that is produced receives the correct various leveled structure utilized as a part of the visual cue list. It shows up in the report inside a few moments, after which the client can alter its size, position and other features."

About MindMeister

MeisterLabs creates and gives electronic efficiency apparatuses concentrating on effortlessness, ease of use and simple cooperation. Its leader item MindMeister is the market-driving online personality mapping and conceptualizing arrangement. More than 300 million thoughts have been produced by people and organizations utilizing its special, grant winning interface. As a cloud-based arrangement, MindMeister works in any web program and comes finish with local versatile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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