Cr?me de la Cake, thee driving supplier of wedding and exceptional event cakes and advocate of ladies organizations, is offering back to the group with a gift of an uncommon event cake to Fresno Area Ladies’ Assembly of Business for their 2014 Mother of the Year Grants Lunch get-together.

Cr?me de la Cake Baked good Culinary specialist Liz Roberto stated, “We are so respected to have been approached to give the cake to the Fresno Region Ladies’ Assembly of Business 2014 Mother of the Year Grants”. The honors will be declared at the current year’s occasion, “Sprouts and Blooms”, on Friday, May 9. The Mother of the Year Honors is a convention of the association regarding the delight of parenthood and an occupation well done. The 2014 Mother of the Year will be the 72st honoree named by the Fresno Province Ladies’ Council of Trade.

Cr?me de la Cake represents considerable authority in premium wedding and exceptional event cakes. The pastry kitchen works intimately with every customer to outline a cake that exceptionally recognizes the style and tone of their festival. Each cake is prepared sans preparation. Genuine spread is constantly utilized and all buttercreams and fillings are made in-house. Fondants are constantly delicate and tasty, never hard or thick. Cr?me de la Cake utilizes privately sourced fixings and natural organic products when they are accessible.

Cake Gourmet expert Liz Roberto got her authentication in preparing and baked good from the Culinary Establishment of America in 2004 and brings the methods of insight and pattern setting outline of the San Francisco Inlet Region to the Focal Valley.

Discover data about Cr?me de la Cake’s manifestations for weddings and other uncommon occasions at For inquiries send an email through the shape on the site or call 559-431-1343.

Contact Data:

Baked good Culinary specialist Liz Roberto

Cr?me de la Cake

2025 W. Bullard Ave

Fresno, CA 93711

(559) 431-1343

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