Virginia corrective dental specialist, Dr. Pamela Marzban is glad to declare she has as of late been confirmed in another rest apnea strategy – WatchPAT . She is currently the just a single in her area with this innovation and accreditation.

WatchPAT is a convenient gadget that uses earth shattering innovation to guarantee precise rest apnea screening, disclosure, and follow-up treatment. A huge advantage of WatchPAT is that trying should be possible in a patient’s own home. Permitting home testing gives a setting that best reflects standard rest propensities and examples.

“Squandered days and restless evenings are not ordinary,” said Virginia Rest Apnea Dental practitioner Pamela Marzban. “Anybody should rest soundly and feel soothing… Wheezing isn’t provocative.”

Dr. Marzban’s new WatchPAT rest apnea program utilizes the most recent innovation accessible for rest examines. She and her accomplished group will in any case work with rest focuses yet now patients can do it at home serenely. Notwithstanding the capacity to test in the comfort of their own homes, WatchPAT likewise has a few different advantages including:

– Usability: Wrist-worn gadget – no canullas, no unwieldy head straps

– Rest think about report progressively – additional time with the patient

– Real rest time and rest state

– Access to crude information – empowering standard rest master PSG examination and manual abrogate if esteemed professionally vital. Crude information can’t be changed

– Least disappointment rate of all rest apnea wandering gadgets

– The most exact, easy to use wandering rest apnea screen accessible.

Virginia corrective dental specialist Dr. Marzban and her accomplished group serve zones in and around Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., including Burke, Fairfax and Fairfax Station. They offer an assortment of restorative and general dentistry medicines, including:

– Porcelain lacquers

– Imperceptible props

– Precaution dentistry

– Teeth brightening

– Porcelain crowns

– Rest apnea


– Dental Inserts

To see whether you are a contender for WatchPAT, please contact Dr. Marzban at 703-323-8200, or round out a shape online to ask for a meeting.

About Pamela Marzban, DDS

Dr. Pamela Marzban gives family and restorative dentistry toward the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. regions. She is an alum of the Las Vegas Establishment for Cutting edge Dental Reviews, and earned her association with the Foundation of General Dentistry. She gives both corrective and general dentistry administrations. For more data, visit her site at:

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