Bohemian ViennaCC Releases Music Video “The Beat”

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The Viennese performer and video maker ViennaCC distributed a music video with the tune “The Beat” from his 18 track collection “Dreamgirl”. “The Beat” is included in radio stations chiefly in Europe and North America. ViennaCC: “shockingly radio stations in South America play my tune as well.”

The tune is about ViennaCC daily sitting at the PC and googling for melodies and sounds to download. ViennaCC shot the video in his home in Vienna. ViennaCC: “I needed to make something straightforward. In any case I needed to have some good times shooting the video. As a free craftsman I don’t have a million dollar spending plan. So I shot the video in three hours with two cameras in one room.”

ViennaCC played in groups with different classes, from hardrock to move music. ViennaCC’s objective is short and sweet melodies, with a kick of 60s style, however with cutting edge sounds and sound impacts. Melodic roots are beat, pop and indierock. ViennaCC’s objective to record tunes that sound like the Beatles would sound today.

ViennaCC lives in Vienna, Austria, a bohemian way of life appreciating music and video generation. ViennaCC: “I severely dislike stretch. A waltz in my brain, however a stone guitar in my grasp.”

ViennaCC was 2x assigned for Another Music Grant in Hollywood, granted a decoration by the Worldwide Society of Picture takers and achieved the semi-last at “Melody of the year”- challenge in Nashville.

Music video on YouTube:

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