Two Tumbleweeds, the sister team behind Foodie Dice, is reporting the official dispatch of its second item made to move advancement in the kitchen. Mixology Dice is an arrangement of eight laser-engraved wooden dice intended to give motivation to making carefully assembled mixed drinks made with crisp fixings. Mixology Dice shuts its Kickstarter crusade in mid-June and will be accessible for pre-arrange on the Foodie Dice site at

Liz and Sarah Downey, Fellow benefactors of Two Tumbleweeds, began the organization in 2013 with the reason for rousing inventiveness in regular day to day existence. Powered by a yearning to make cooking fun, they propelled Foodie Dice in October on Kickstarter with an objective of $7,500. The crusade raised more than $150,000 before the finish of its run, and was one of the main horribly overfunded extends on Kickstarter to convey on time, with a few sponsor notwithstanding accepting the item early. Foodie Dice people groups remove the puzzle from what’s for supper by moving nine laser-engraved dice to make straightforward, occasional dinners with new fixings. Highlighting four occasional veggie dice and even amazing cooking strategy, there are more than 186,000 unique mixes, with without gluten and Paleo cordial alternatives, too.

Mixology Dice takes after a similar arrangement, moving new and fascinating beverage mixes for both the beginner mixologist and the prepared proficient. Each of the eight laser-engraved dice has six alternatives for a classification of fixings – one pass on each for spirits, sugars, mixers, citrus, natural products, herbs, flavors, and sharp flavoring. Each set accompanies a guideline booklet that shows which dice to move to make particular sorts of customary beverages, what proportions of fixings to utilize, and general blending tips. With more than 1.5 million blends, the dice come numbered and relate to a diagram in the directions, making the procedure simple and enjoyable to take after.

“A year ago we ran a crusade for our first item, Foodie Dice – motivation for straightforward, occasional suppers. We adored the group investment from our supporters, and a standout amongst the most prevalent proposals for our next item was dice for making mixed drinks,” says Prime supporter, Liz Downey. “We did some exploration and after that took what we had realized and made a framework that is rousing and fun, as well as shows you the standards for making customary beverages, so you have the information to make anything you need utilizing the fixings on the dice. We’re truly eager to impart what we’ve made to everybody!”

Both Mixology Dice and Foodie Dice come in two bundling alternatives – a cotton muslin drawstring pocket ($24) or a recovered wine bottle tumbler with a stopper top ($38). The wine bottle tumbler is upcycled to give new lives to suppresses that would somehow or another end in a landfill. All dice are laser-engraved in the Unified States on local wood.

Alongside Mixology Dice and Foodie Dice, Two Tumbleweeds is anticipating accomplishing more dice sets, and is likewise chipping away at correlative things – mixed drink shakers, blending devices, kitchen devices, and so forth. The recently included Regular Brew Dice are currently accessible on the Foodie Dice site and incorporate four six-sided pass on with various occasional lager choices.

Mixology Dice will be accessible for pre-arrange at and accessible for normal request at the Foodie Dice site and select retailers, including Nordstrom, in September.

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Around Two Tumbleweeds

Two Tumbleweeds is the joined exertion of sisters Liz and Sarah Downey to move imagination in regular day to day existence. Initially from the Midwest lastly settling in Sonoma Province, California, they needed to assemble their qualities to make insightfully created merchandise that add to this reason. Filled by this yearning and the longing to make cooking fun, Liz and Sarah propelled the Kickstarter crusade for their first item, Foodie Dice, in 2013.

Foodie Dice, an arrangement of nine laser-engraved wooden dice, was made to soften the dreariness up supper planning by giving individuals the chance to make diverse flavor blends while having some good times in the kitchen. Mixology Dice is the second item propelled by Two Tumbleweeds and will be accessible for buy in late 2014.

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