HNO, on the web at, remains for hydrogen and oxygen, the two building pieces of water. Without these two bounteous components, life on earth as we probably am aware it would stop to exist. Presently, HNO Green Fills, Inc. presents the Leefh2 framework, a technique for lessening particulate matter outflows from burning motors and enhancing the ignition productivity of those motors while delivering life-supporting oxygen for the planet.

The level headed discussion over the rate of environmental change keeps on seething, however now one thing is sure: a huge number of huge amounts of poisons and particulate matter are put into the climate every day because of the utilization of ignition motors. Diesel motors bolster a significant part of the country’s framework – from trucks, transports, and prepares, to ships, rough terrain gear, and generators. Notwithstanding, these effective work machines likewise have an extreme ecological effect. There are at present just about 400 million diesel motors on the planet, with almost 20 million new ones delivered worldwide every year, with every motor fit for creating huge amounts of air poisons in its lifetime.

Cars and trucks as well as transports, trains, planes, boats, helicopters and tractors and in addition every single other sort of ignition motors could get to be oxygen-creating machines while decreasing fossil fuel utilization. The LeefH2TM has been appeared to diminish particulate emanation by 50 percent and then some. Fuel lessening of no less than 12% has been appeared for diesel motors out of gear, the most wasteful period in which a diesel motors runs. There was additionally appeared to be a 19.5% decrease of Nitrogen Oxide, a 24% lessening of carbon monoxide and a 7.5% diminishment of oxides of nitrogen…..all amid diesel sit out of gear.

The accompanying video gives a truly decent clarification of the issue and the item:

HNO’s exclusive innovation is centered around lessening particulate matter discharges from burning motors (basically diesel and fly). Right now “Clean Diesel” motor innovation regularly utilizes a Diesel Oxidation Impetus and a Diesel Particulate Channel (DPF) to decrease particulates from achieving the climate. Nonetheless, in light of the fact that the strategy for ignition has not changed with the “Spotless Diesel” frameworks, a lot of particulates are still made amid burning cycle and at last stop up the DPF. HNO’s Leefh2 (Utilizing Vitality Proficient Fuel with Hydrogen) Diesel Framework adopts an altogether extraordinary strategy.

With Leefh2, the expansion of hydrogen improves the ignition fire in the burning assembly of the motor, making the measure of unburned fuel leaving the ignition chamber altogether lower than with ordinary diesel ignition. As an extra ecological advantage, the Leefh2 procedure likewise creates breathable oxygen that is discharged into the air, much the same as a real leaf. Leefh2 framework incorporates a motor on-board analytic (OBD) interface and remote transmitter module, so that motor information can be sent flawlessly to an Armada Administration framework. This is critical in light of the fact that the expansion of hydrogen builds fuel proficiency relying upon RPMs of the motor. For instance, typical diesel motors are exceptionally wasteful when sit. Utilizing Leefh2 when sitting can diminish fuel utilization by no less than at least 12%.

In case you’re pondering where the hydrogen originates from in the Leefh2 framework that improves the burning fire, the answer is straightforward – water. Water (H2O) contains hydrogen and oxygen. In the Leefh2 framework the hydrogen separates from the water and is the impetus utilized by the Leefh2 to build the burning productivity of the diesel fuel or whatever other hydrocarbon-based fuel, so far as that is concerned.

The principal tests on the viability of Leefh2 have demonstrated some really astounding outcomes. Tests in EPA endorsed labs have demonstrated an almost half diminishment in PM emanations in diesel motors (HNO trusts a 90 – 95% decrease is conceivable). As said over, 12% lessening in fuel utilization was acknowledged amid the sitting of diesel motors. Moreover, despite the fact that HNO isn’t pursuing the gas shopper showcase right now, 24% in fuel sparing was accomplished with specific classes of gas motors when directing an EPA standard Expressway Mileage Driving Calendar test.

HNO has as of late set out on a group subsidizing effort. The Indiegogo site can be seen at: planet-earth

As of now, HNO has eight licenses (with additionally pending) for the Hydrogen Supplemental Framework. They have additionally presented a patent application for Expanding Ignition Effectiveness and Decreasing Particulate Matter Outflows in Stream Motors. This is an epic disclosure and one that will change our climate and give cleaner air to our bodies and our earth. Would anything be able to else out there be any more epic than that ?

Situated in Southern California, HNO Green Fills, Inc. is an assembling, dissemination, and innovative work organization represent considerable authority in diminishing particulate matter emanations in burning motors, enhancing ignition productivity and efficiency and creating breathable oxygen.

For additional data Contact Jasmine Louis of HNO Green Fills who can be come to by email at Then again by phone at 951-200-4246 ext 5

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