UviCube will be displaying UV light innovation at the ABC Kids Expo this September. UviCube is the principal result of its kind in the Assembled States to utilize UV light to sterilize infant bottles, cell phones, hardware, toys and other individual and family unit things. The UviCube authors will exhibit the new item at the ABC Kids Expo at stall #4625 on September 7-10, 2014.

Basically intended to dry and sterilize infant bottles, UviCube houses an exceptionally intelligent internal chamber that permits UV light to be reflected every which way, adequately executing 99.9% of uncovered germs with the touch of a catch. UviCube does not utilize bubbling water or hot steam, maintaining a strategic distance from the danger of smolders, cleanup and waste. Things can likewise be dried and put away inside the UviCube, so no extra counter space is required until prepared for utilize. Furthermore, objects that can’t be presented to dampness or warmth, for example, cell phones, certain toys and hardware, can now likewise be cleaned utilizing UviCube.

Originator Fall Colayco turned out to be profoundly cognizant about ensuring against germs after her first tyke spent the initial 2 weeks of her life in the NICU for a disease. In the wake of hunting down gadgets and devices to shield her youngster from germs, she ran over UV items fundamentally from Asia that sanitized containers and other child things. She chose to build up an item particularly for the U.S. advertise that was commonplace to utilize and comprehend, approved by a trustworthy research facility in the U.S. also, met all U.S. government, state and neighborhood security and measures and consistence.

“I required an item like UviCube,” says Harvest time, Fellow benefactor of UviCube. “I needed to shield my infant from germs that live on surfaces of articles that they cooperate with consistently. That included child bottles, additionally pacifiers, toys and my better half’s cell phone. UviCube is the most effortless approach to purify those things my child adores, permitting me to invest that spared energy with my family. We as a whole face challenges as guardians in choosing how best to secure our youngsters, and I trust UviCube can give guardians that genuine feelings of serenity with regards to protecting their infant from germs.”

Fall enrolled the assistance of her better half and kindred business visionaries from Southern California in the fields of gadgets, assembling and restorative gadgets. UviCube exhibited its first model at the 2013 ABC Children Expo’s Creation Association and got an extensive variety of supportive and positive input, which has been fused into forming the last item.

UviCube will be displayed at the ABC Kids Expo on September 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada at corner #4625. The UviCube authors will be set up to exhibit the framework, and in addition present and teach both purchasers and the media about their item.

Arrangements are being developed to go to other national customer shows, for example, Huge City Mothers Greatest Infant Shower and Rich, notwithstanding starting the improvement of a travel measure UviCube.

About UviCube

UviCube utilizes bright (UV) light innovation to protect your infant from germs. Planned for home utilize, UviCube dries and sanitizes infant bottles, cell phones, toys and other individual things and gadgets that can’t be presented to warmth or dampness. Consider UviCube a little safe that keeps every one of the things your infant cherishes safe from germs. At the point when things are put inside UviCube, bright (UV) light dispenses with 99.9% of uncovered germs. UviCube likewise securely stores bottles and different things until they are required, so you don’t have to surrender any valuable counter space.

UviCube will be the main result of its kind that takes after all U.S. government, state and neighborhood security benchmarks and consistence. UviCube is patent pending.

For more data about UviCube, please visit: http://www.uvicube.com

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