Andarix Pharmaceuticals, a clinical stage organization, building up a focused on peptide treatment for little cell lung malignancy declared that its CEO, Chris Adams, will introduce at the Vagrant Medications Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark from September 17-19, 2014. Meeting area and plan data are accessible at

One-on-one gatherings will be directed all through the meeting date. Participants can contact Andarix speculator relations to orchestrate a meeting.

About Tozaride

Tozaride is a novel, best-in-class treatment for lung and different malignancies in view of the radio-named somatostatin peptide Tozaride. Early clinical investigations of Tozaride exhibited that it is very much endured and may create delayed stable malady and enhanced general survival in vigorously pre-treated propelled lung tumor patients. Tozaride focused on radiotherapy speaks to another treatment worldview which is relied upon to yield noteworthy clinical advantage for both little cell lung tumor (SCLC), and non-little cell lung disease (NSCLC) patients, and which will give another treatment choice to patients who are not qualified for, or who have not reacted to ebb and flow treatments.

About Andarix Pharmaceuticals

Andarix Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage organization creating focused on imaging and treatments for lung, neuroendocrine, and different malignancies in view of a restrictive somatostatin peptide conjugate. Broad research has shown that somatostatin receptors are exceedingly up-controlled on a few strong tumors, especially lung malignancies. Lung malignancy is the main source of tumor mortality in the Assembled States for both men and ladies. In 2013, there were an expected 225,470 new findings of non-little cell lung malignancy (NSCLC) with 42,000 little cell lung growth patients. To take in more about Andarix, please visit

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