The Jon Collins Band was shaped in late 2011 in Hyde Road Studios in San Francisco, a similar studio that created a portion of the immense records of a few eras with groups including the Appreciative Dead, Green Day and Prepare. Under the heading of long time record official and maker George Daly (The Autos, Instrument) The Jon Collins Band was destined to rave surveys.

On the heels of the Jon Collins Band make a big appearance collection “Legend”, discharged in 2012, his new six-track EP “Jon Collins: The Move EP” will be discharged in February 2015. The music video for the title track “Don’t Have faith in You” will be discharged in January 2015. The new EP will contain a remix of the hit track Let Love Live for which the video can be seen on YouTube at and on the official band site at .

The EP track rundown is as per the following:

1. Try not to Trust in You (TITLE TRACK)

2. Wonderful

3. Give Love A chance to live

4. Vanish

5. Try not to Flee

6. Relax

The pre-discharge sound of the EP (private tracks for press just) is at:

Jon Collins has been included in music and composing since the age of 6. His first instrument was harmonica. He rapidly developed to have a religion taking after as a high school harmonica player and by the age of 16 he was requested that by built up specialists take his abilities into the studio. In school, he visited the nearby club scene in North Carolina with various groups as an artist, musician and frontman.

Subsequent to touching base in Los Angeles a couple of years back Jon Collins started composing melodies for different artists while aggregating a tune list for himself. Subsequent to listening to some of his unreleased material, a shared companion in LA sent a demo to George Daly at About Records in San Francisco. George was awed. Jon and George met, and the rest, as is commonly said, was history. Then again, more properly, “leaving a mark on the world”.

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