The Maryland Section of the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Establishment observes Board Executive Aris Melissaratos being named the 2014 Extraordinary Altruist of the Year, by the Relationship of Raising support Experts Maryland Part (AFP). The AFP’s criteria for Extraordinary Altruist of the Year are: immediate providing for different non-benefit associations, proof of support and urging others to end up distinctly required in beneficent exercises, and serve as a dynamic part in the group. Aris has served as the administrator of the CF Establishment Top managerial staff for as far back as 10 years. He is being respected not just for his undying devotion, authority, and generosity to the CF Establishment, additionally his dedication to mankind and the motivation he offers others to partake in enhancing the world. Aris has given his time and monetary support to various group and beneficent associations, for example, Joined Way and Hands Crosswise over America, Port Revelation, Baltimore Gallery of Industry, Paul’s Place and The Baltimore Heart Ball. As a generous hierarchical pioneer, Mr. Melissaratos knows how to position individuals into ranges of administration where their abilities can give the best advantages to achieve the mission. Through his praiseworthy authority, Aris has propelled many key business pioneers alongside their whole associations to wind up distinctly required in Cystic Fibrosis raising support occasions,” said Josie Schaeffer, official chief of the Cystic Fibrosis Establishment. Mr. Melissaratos has been instrumental in making the Baltimore section turn out to be No. 6 in the nation for real endowments and has raised near $25 million amid his time on the load up.

Aris was conceived in Romania to guardians of Greek plummet. For the initial 6 years of his life, he and his family battled to survive the end of World War II, getting away Russian and German air strikes over his origination of Galatz, completion with his family at long last getting to be evacuees in Greece. From age 6 to 13 he was instructed in Greek schools where he could fabricate an establishment and wellspring of pride in his Greek legacy. Aris moved to the US at age 13 and settled in Baltimore where he started another trip as an American native. Aris got his secondary school instruction at Patterson Secondary School while working at his family’s bread shop in Greektown. He was then acknowledged into the prestigious Johns Hopkins College electrical building project, and he kept on working all day at the family bread shop and the Slayman Organization machine shop. He has constantly esteemed gaining from work encounter more than scholarly learning, since work showed him to communicate with people in general and how to team up and learn other. These encounters were priceless in setting up the administration style utilized all through his corporate and government vocations. Mr. Melissaratos holds a BES in Electrical Building from Johns Hopkins College and an Ace of Science in designing administration from George Washington College; he has additionally finished the program for Administration Improvement at the Harvard College Institute of Business, alongside cutting edge graduate work in global legislative issues at Catholic College of America. Aris’ expert life has been based on science and innovation, financial development, the relationship amongst government and the private area, and the successful opening and administration of America’s most noteworthy asset its scholarly power. The initial 25 years of Aris’ profession were spent at Westinghouse Safeguard Gadgets Bunch in Baltimore, which is currently known as Northrop Grumman Enterprise. He was Boss Operations Officer for the organization’s Protection Hardware Bunch, in charge of $3.2 billion dollars in deals. He then served seven years the VP for Science and Innovation and Boss Innovation Officer, dealing with Westinghouse’s innovative work focus and it’s Pittsburg Base camp.

Amid his vocation with Westinghouse Aris’ made critical commitments in the spearheading some of our country’s most imperative logical and innovative progressions of the twentieth century. Aris’ has contributed being developed of many notable radar, sonar, countermeasures, and satellite correspondences advancements. He was likewise required in the advancement of the camera that sent to earth those chronicled photographs of Neil Armstrong’s initial steps on the moon. All through his vocation with Westinghouse, Mr. Melissaratos oversaw upwards of 16,000 people (the vast majority of whom he knew by name), including some the brightest specialists, and assembling laborers who delivered supernatural occurrences in booking and innovative accomplishment. Aris is an adherent to the force of individuals and thoughts, and tries to incorporate the greatest number of individuals as he can in triumphs of his endeavor. Mr. Melissaratos says, “Initiative ought to catch and create individuals and their thoughts, alongside the suitable credit, and ought to be led on the perfect that the entire is, bigger than the entirety of its parts.”

In the wake of working at Westinghouse, Aris went ahead to labor for a long time as VP of Research for the ThermoElectron Organization overseeing thirteen safeguard and research-situated organizations. After ThermoElectron, Aris established Armel Scientifics and turned into a “holy messenger financial specialist”, putting more than 4 million dollars in 31 distinctive start-up innovation organizations, which he made fruitful. In 2003, Aris was selected Secretary for Business and Monetary Advancement of the Condition of Maryland serving in this limit. Amid his term, he was instrumental in lessening statewide unemployment to 3.3% with 9 of the 23 locales in Maryland being under 3%. His other significant achievement amid this period was the fruitful execution of BRAC (Base Realignment and Conclusion) handle, which made 60,000 innovation arranged employments in the condition of Maryland, and situating Maryland’s administration in the learning economy. In 2007, Aris got to be distinctly senior guide to the President at Johns Hopkins College to help the school move its innovation all the more viably from research center to the commercial center. In July 2014, Aris joined Stevenson College as the between time senior member of the Cocoa Institute of Business and Authority, where he works intimately with personnel and understudies to set them up for occupations in the nearby workforce.

Mr. Melissaratos has overseen, teamed up and studied with countless individuals in business, government and the scholarly world, while tending to the absolute most advanced mechanical difficulties of our time. These encounters have made Aris an important resource as executive of CF Establishments Governing body “To be a decent chief, you need to comprehend the business. You need to comprehend the destinations of the association and you need to mind.”, says Aris. He expressed in his book, Development The Way to Flourishing, ” I accept totally in the force of thoughts to change both the physical world and our general public for the better…It is about our capacity to dream incredible dreams, the fantasies that move the world.” This announcement resonates in his commitment and authority of the CF Establishment’s central goal, and in his conviction that a cure for CF will be found through thoughts and advancement. “The most important thing about presenting with this [Cystic Fibrosis] establishment is the point at which the establishment was begun 50 years prior, the future was five and a half years. Presently we’re up to 42 years. Seeing improvement being made to cure this illness is exceptionally fulfilling. I see kids growing up, attending a university, getting hitched, and having children. Just to contribute something to augmenting their lives is ridiculously fulfilling. It doesn’t improve than that.” Mr. Melissaratos has been the beneficiary of a few municipal and generous honors and respects, including the 2009 William Donald Schaefer Industrialist of the Year Honor; Baltimore’s Remarkable Innovation Advocate for 2008; Ernst & Youthful Business person of the Year for 2009 and Hall, Inc. Individual of the Year for 2012 for the Baltimore/Washington Passage, “Responsibility to Group” Grant at Paul’s Place and the Baltimore Region Training Establishment’s Legacy in Authority Grant.

About the Cystic Fibrosis Establishment

The Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Establishment is the world’s pioneer in the scan for a cure for cystic fibrosis (CF). Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is an existence undermining, acquired constant sickness that deters the lungs and stomach related arrangement of around 30,000 youngsters and grown-ups in the Assembled States (70,000 around the world). The Establishment’s concentration is to bolster the advancement of new medications to battle CF, enhance the personal satisfaction for those with CF, and at last to discover a cure for all CF patients. Right now, the Establishments endeavors have delivered sedate treatments that have expanded the future for CF patients from 5 years old to more than 40 years old. A significant part of the Establishment’s adequacy in battling CF can be credited to its proficient utilization of altruistic subsidizing. More than 90% of each dollar raised backings CF look into, patient/family care, and instruction programs. The Establishment’s medication advancement achievement has been perceived by Harvard Business college and by productions, for example, Forbes, Find magazine, and The Money Road Diary. With the support of its Top managerial staff, the Maryland Section of the CF Establishment alone creates an around net $3.5 million every year. For more data about the Maryland Part of Cystic Fibrosis Establishment, please visit: or contact Josie Schaeffer, Official Chief, at

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