More than 10,000 Children of post war America in the US and more than 1,000 People born after WW2 in Canada turn 65 each and every day.

Brisk Wellness For Zoomers is reacting to the immense neglected need to keep this ‘silver torrent’ solid and fit to guarantee they can keep on being dynamic as far as might be feasible – keeping up long haul wellbeing, health and freedom.

Physical movement is a standout amongst the most essential things children of post war America and seniors can do to keep up their physical and emotional well-being and personal satisfaction.

Inertia prompts to decrease in bone quality, muscle quality, heart/lung wellness and adaptability. Inertia builds the danger of falls.

Every day practice can battle numerous sicknesses that torment more seasoned grown-ups including joint inflammation, osteoporosis, coronary illness, hypertension, diabetes, stoutness, a few malignancies, Alzheimer’s and melancholy.

Snappy Wellness for Zoomers is an online program intended to help individuals feel extraordinary, postpone maturing, battle malady and sicknesses and keep up solid weight. It focuses on the 4 basic wellness territories demonstrated to have any kind of effect in a man’s general wellbeing: Perseverance, Quality, Adaptability and Adjust.

Fast Wellness For Zoomers is Web based, permitting access all day, every day, at whatever time, anyplace and incorporates dynamic practice programs, sustenance tips, Websites, news and a dynamic online group.

Snappy Wellness for Zoomers was helped to establish by Lisa Pezik and Suzanne Mulligan-Conceived.

Lisa Pezik is an Enlisted Nurture (RN) who works with Boomers, Zoomers and Seniors. She is a RN in Senior Care, a Medical attendant Teacher, Expert Guaranteed Gather Health specialist and Wellness Nourishment Authority. Lisa’s learning, vitality and energy are obvious in the focused on program she has made to guarantee anybody can profit by work out.

Suzanne Mulligan-Conceived is an author, specialist, child of post war America and grandma. She is inspired to avert the numerous preventable sicknesses brought about by the inactive way of life of an essayist. Suzanne will share the most recent research and her own particular adventure to get fit and have a ton of fun while taking after Lisa’s projects.

Lisa P and Suzanne MB challenge each gen X-er and each senior to wind up distinctly a Zoomer – to be a dynamic and fit boomer or senior…to age with ‘zip’!

Enrollments are reasonable and can be obtained for individual home utilize or for use by gatherings in retirement/private settings. Unique occasion evaluating accessible!

Buy an enrollment for yourself or give as a blessing – the endowment of wellbeing!


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About Brisk Wellness for Zoomers

Brisk Wellness for Zoomers was helped to establish by Lisa Pezik and Suzanne Mulligan-Conceived. They are situated in Ontario Canada yet anticipate offering participations to Children of post war America and Seniors who live Anyplace!

As an Enrolled Nurture working with seniors, Lisa sees the effect that absence of practice has on her patients. She united with Suzanne to make an online group to offer professionally created practice schedules for people of any age and wellness levels.

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Lisa Pezik

Telephone: (905) 522-8770


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