Thirteenth Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards Announced

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The Thirteenth Yearly Latino Innovator Grants, a benchmark festivity, will be hung on Tuesday, February third, 2015. Beginning with a private celebrity lane VIP gathering, went to by awardees, influencers and media from 7:00 BarThalia, inside The Ensemble Space Theater, situated at 2537 Broadway at 95th Road, New York, NY 10025, trailed by the honors program and show, from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. with a live execution by Grammy champ Tito Nieves. Occasion will be Co-Facilitated by LatinTRENDS Jan/Feb Cover identity and Larger size model Denise Bidot and Performing artist, JW Cortes.

The #LatinoTrendsetter Honors is delivered by LatinTRENDS and supported to a limited extent by; CUNY, Spanish Telecom Framework, La Mega 97.9 &Amor 93.1 and Hennessy. The occasion praises brilliance and perceives pioneers in business, instruction, excitement, workmanship, wellbeing, innovation and group benefit, while recognizing the groups’ commitments to mainstream culture.

Juan Guillen, LatinTRENDS originator & Chief, expresses; “The thirteenth Yearly Latino Innovator Honors is a Moving Stage that is reclassifying being a star”. A star is generally connected with being a superstar. We trust a star is a man or lady that buckles down & astutely on what they do and cherish. They are daring people, huge visionaries, practitioners and determined workers; they have vision and trustworthiness. They are noticeable individuals from the group and are reachable, not withdrawn. The Latino Innovator Grants Beneficiaries are the genuine stars of the group. They rouse another era.

In its thirteenth year, the honor perceives individuals as leaders…trendsetters in their separate fields and it is on-point with LatinTRENDS’ Magazine mission of moving another era of ground breaking men and ladies. It is likewise a persuasive stage that serves the group’s needs of hearing and sharing positive genuine examples of overcoming adversity from individuals from the group. This year, the occasion will occur at the Ensemble Space Theater. The honors program will have an amusement esteem, which will consolidate a socially important program of Latin culture, communicated through theater, music and move. The honors show will close with a live execution by Grammy victor Tito Nieves.

The 2015 Honor beneficiaries are: Lorraine Cortes-V?squez, EVP Multicultural Chief for Multicultural Markets & Engagement, AARP; Seny Tavares, Official Executive, CUNY In The Statures; Straightforward Galarza, proficient boxer and youth lobbyist; Hector D. Ruiz, Provincial Deals Administrator, US Latin America, Delta; Lynda Baquero, shopper columnist, NBC4 New York; Vanessa Gonzalez Plumhoff, Executive of Latino Authority and Engagement, Arranged Parenthood League of America; Daisy Twist drill Dominguez, VP, Ability Procurement and Organization& Workforce Differing qualities, Disney, ABC TV Aggregate; Eric Garcia, Radio Income Boss, Spanish Telecom Framework, La Mega &Amor; Tony Jimenez, President & Chief, MICROTECH; Maria Love, VP of Formulatin; Anthony Lolli, Organizer & President, Quick Realty NYC, and unique Live it Honor to: Nemesio Ortiz, VP of Medicare Deals, Healthfirst, for his commitment to the groups prosperity through appropriate restorative care and medical coverage.

Proceeding with the convention of granting Grants to meriting understudies, will’s identity tomorrow’s pioneers. The current year’s Grant receipts are: Danitsa Andaluz, sophomore at Macaulay Respects School at Lehman School and Nicole Lopez, first year recruit at John Jay School, they are additionally selected in an initiative program in the 100 Hispanic Ladies association.

Furthermore, LatinTRENDS will introduce an exceptional honor to a top New York blogger making striking commitments to the group. Selections will close on January twentieth and the victor will be reported amid the honors appear.

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The Latino Pioneer Honors is one of different occasion promoting openings exhibited by LatinTRENDS, a sight and sound organization, whose mission is to engage, illuminate and rouse ground breaking men and ladies.

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