15-Year-Old Develops App to Help Students with Math

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Ben Leimberger, a 15 year old application designer, has built up a free iOS application to individuals fathom math equations rapidly and effortlessly. His application, Similarity, illuminates the equation and clarifies what the factors mean. It is an amazing instrument for checking homework, sparing time, and getting higher evaluations. Congruity gives moment check on the exactness of your answer and clarifies what the factors intend to guarantee there is no perplexity.

Similarity is made by an understudy for understudies. Understudies are regularly left oblivious in the event that they don’t comprehend homework, and they have no method for reaching their instructor for help understanding the material. The positive consequences of utilizing Similarity are difficult to overlook. In many educational systems, homework is esteemed at 10% to 20% of an understudy’s last grade. A change in an understudy’s homework review by 25 focuses can raise their general review by 2.5-5 focuses or much more. This can even enhance an understudy’s letter review also. iDownloadBlog.com says, “Congruity resembles having a math coach in your pocket.” The convenience of this application is verifiable and the aftereffects of utilizing it can altogether raise one’s review.

Similarity stresses the comprehension of material by giving answer affirmation. While it is conceivable to utilize it to cheat, it is more helpful as a device to ensure a high review on school work. It all the while permits learning without worrying about the review.

Many individuals utilize the recipes highlighted in Similarity, for example, the quadratic equation, in regular work and need to invest their esteemed energy fathoming these recipes. Congruity can spare them important time that would ordinarily must be spent checking work.


– 64+ Equations

– Variable clarification

– Fraction number juggling and rearrangements

– Radical improvement

– Name of polygon in view of side number

Store Interface: https://itunes.apple.com/us/application/similarity/id940307721?mt=8

Engineer Email: wbleimberger@gmail.com

Engineer Twitter: @Uvaboy5

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