The European American Ladies’ Board (EAWC) held its nineteenth Yearly Worldwide Goddess Artemis Grants Function Thursday, May 14, 2015. The function occurred in the U. S. Legislative hall Rayburn Working with a crowd of people involved individuals from Congress and other recognized pioneers and VIPs from Greece, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Assembled States in participation. The Worldwide Business Roundtable was held the earlier day, Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at the U.S. State house’s Longworth Building.

The Privileged Host for this prestigious occasion was Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney, twelfth Region NY. In her comments presenting the Congresswoman, Ms. Edie Frasier, Chief of STEMconnector addressed the Congresswoman’s staunch support and move she has made for the benefit of her New York voting demographic and the 10 charges she has championed – impending 11 – marked by the President into law. So far as her verifiable responsibility of ladies’ developments, she was co-seat of the House Gathering on Ladies’ Issues, created and guaranteed the authorization into law which was hailed as “the most huge hostile to assault enactment ever brought about by Congress” by the Assault Mishandle and Interbreeding National System. The Congresswoman likewise presented the Youngster Mind Moderateness Act to expand access to kid mind by offering charge credits; she has been the central house backer of the Equivalent Rights Correction, and alongside her partner Eleanor Holmes Norton acquainted enactment with create a National Ladies’ History Gallery. She additionally supported the Grounds Sexual Viciousness End Act, and is the co-seat and prime supporter of the Human Trafficking Council.

Congresswoman Maloney then moved toward the platform. “It is a significant privilege to welcome the Euro-American Ladies’ Board to State house Slope for the nineteenth Yearly Worldwide Gathering and Goddess Artemis Grant Service. Before I start, I need to perceive Ms. Loula Loi Alafoyiannis, EAWC’s Author & Official Worldwide President. Loula is somebody I’ve known for some, numerous years. She is a wild promoter for ladies, a minding and energetic partner, a put stock in consultant and compatriot, and a dear individual companion. I need to express gratitude toward her for the considerable work she does, especially with the Euro American Ladies’ Committee.” She expressed. “EAWC is an essential association. By coaching and instructing the people to come, it is planning ladies to prevail in an evolving world.” “We are here today to perceive a couple of people who share the EWAC mission. They have made vital headways in their fields. These pioneers in government, business and culture share an enthusiasm for enhancing the lives of others. They are focused on making open doors for ladies over the globe. Also, they work indefatigably to bolster their groups.” She closed, “I praise these honorees and I thank the EAWC Board Individuals and Coalition Accomplices who have made it their central goal to perceive the fantastic commitments of these fine pioneers. I thank and appreciate those who have joined with us for this occasion. For your essential work, and for the work that lies ahead. It is my benefit to be with you and to welcome you to Washington, DC.”

Ms. Loula Loi Alafoyiannis, EAWC Originator & Official Worldwide President then moved toward the platform to welcome everybody. She adulated the Congresswoman for her support of issues influencing ladies, youngsters and families, her indefatigable devotion to her body electorate and her long position responsibility to open administration. She then gave a unique thank you to the EAWC Official Board; Ms. Phyllis Slope Slater, prime supporter & Worldwide Seat of EAWC, Ms. Judy K. Sheppard, President & Chief Expert Administrations of America – EAWC Official President of Worldwide Business Relations and Ms. Daisy Gallagher, Author & Director of Gallagher & Gallagher Around the world, Inc.- EAWC Represetative everywhere and Government Issues Contact. She additionally perceived the coalition accomplices, supporters and media accomplices. She then respected the Honorees and the recognized visitors from around the globe.

The honors program was directed by Ms. Tanya Slater Lowe, Chief, National Contact Center, US Branch of Work. Ms. Lowe proceeded with the opening services, presenting Ms. Angelina Alexon a worldwide vocalist who is detonating on to the music scene. She has a 4 octave light verse soprano vocal range. Her vocal range, tone and power have been contrasted with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, she likewise sings in 7 distinct dialects. Ms. Alexon played out the National Songs of praise of the Unified States and Greece. She then played out the “Parthenon” tune with unique significance about her country Greece and she likewise devoted a unique melody she kept in touch with Congresswoman Maloney due to her solid support of ladies causes.

The accompanying Honorees were perceived for their recognized authority in government, business, culture and helpful endeavors, all Honorees share a commitment to magnificence and an assurance to accomplish:

– The Noteworthy Katerina P. Panagopoulos National Envoy of Greece to the Chamber of Europe for Games, Resilience and Reasonable Play, President of the Panhellenic Ladies’ Game Affiliation “KALLIPATEIRA”

– U. S. Congressman John Paul Sarbanes (D-MD) third Congressional Locale,

– U. S Congresswoman Effortlessness Meng (D-NY), sixth Congressional Area,

– U.S. Congressman Gus Bilirakis, (R-FL) twelfth Congressional Locale

– U.S. Congresswoman Kathleen Rice (D-NY), fourth Congressional Area

– U. S. Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY), first Congressional Area

– Ms. Connie Garden – Senior White House Journalist,

– Ms. Diane McGraw – Previous Executive. Dir. Office of Tourism & Film in Pennsylvania,

– Mr. Konstantinos Mastorakis-Chief KNOW-HOW Executive, Correspondences Nazzionale Piloti F1,

– Ms. Virginia Gibson – Co-Foremost SUSTAP LLC,

– Mr. Utku Yazan – GM Turkish Carriers from Thessaloniki,

– Mr. Mario DiNatale – President of Nazzionale Piloti Recipe 1,

– Mr. Winston “Buzz” Willis – Chief/Pres All Get to Amusement Amass,

– Ms. Susan Solovic – The Independent venture Master,

– Mr. Mohinder Singh Taneja – Originator & President of Represetative of Assorted qualities American Differences Discussion Inc.,

– Ms. Stamatia Trivoulides – Craftsman & Painter,

– Mr. & Mrs. Kosta & Maria Domenikos – Worldwide & Residential Tyke Administrations,

– Mr. Zan-Tune Qu – President Weihai New Youth Culture & Craftsmanship School Shandong, China,

– Mr. Scratch Nikolopoulos – Official Baked good Culinary specialist & Entrepreneur,

– Mr. Vangelis Syrigos – Health Master & Life Advisor, Proprietor of ANANDA Resort Thailand.

– (Their discourses might be found on the EAWC, Dark Commotion Media and Silke Endress Way of life of the Woman Chief YOU TUBE Channels).

The earlier day, Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at the U.S. State house Longworth Building, Ms. Daisy Gallagher, Organizer & Director of Gallagher & Gallagher Around the world, Inc. also, EAWC Board Part led the Worldwide Business Roundtable Dialogs. The Roundtable comprised of initiative from different nations and the Unified States.

Ms. Gallagher, who is likewise a long-term promoter of ladies’ rights and a writer of a top of the line book on the subject, entitled “How to Prevail in a Testosterone World without Losing Estrogen” opened up the dialogs with acquaintances and continued with the primary point; “Ladies’ Authority and their Part in the Worldwide Economy.” In her presentation, Ms. Gallagher highlighted the headways ladies have made and the difficulties despite everything they confront. She followed the course of events of ladies’ voting, the battle for equivalent pay, and the status of the Equivalent Rights Correction in the Unified States started in 1923 by Alice Paul. She noted, it has been advanced before Congress, and go in 1972 and each time since, nonetheless, there is a prerequisite for 38 states to endorse it into law and today the US is in its 114th Congress and the Time is still short of 3 states endorsement to pass. She additionally addressed the part ladies play in the quality of the Country’s economy, particularly highlighting Ladies as a Monetary Compel; citing The Gatekeeper Private company Look into Foundation among others and projections that ladies claimed organizations will make 5.5 million new occupations by 2018, the greater part the 9.7 million new independent venture employments anticipated that would be made, and around 33% of the 15.3 million aggregate new employments foreseen by the Department of Work, yet she included that ladies still acquire 33% not as much as their partners for equivalent titles and there are roughly just 19.4% of ladies serving in Congress or 104 out of 536 seats and just 24 Female President or just 4.8% are on the Fortune 500 rundown. Examinations and trade continued all taking note of there is still much work to be accomplished for ladies’ uniformity furthermore addressing the significance of ladies’ mentorship of other ladies.

The following theme was support of ladies around the globe, including the non-benefit association began by Ms. Alafoyiannis suitably titled “Spare Grandmas from Bosom Malignancy.” Loula’s energy is centered around raising money to make and actualize instructive projects, mindfulness and acknowledgment so she can “spare each lady from the illness.” also, discourse followed in affirmation of Ms. Virginia Gibson’s sacrificial demonstration of benevolence as an organ contributor through the contrary benefactor program which made a chain of eleven beneficiaries and as prime supporter of “Provide for Get” establishment which concentrates on giving on the web asset support to both givers and beneficiaries. Ms. Gallagher moved the dialog to “Examining Achievement in Business and The earth,” exchange focused on how this 7 trillion dollar space is a monetary implicator, work maker, and a vantage point for a more advantageous planet.

She then respected the following talk to the roundtable by the specialists fixated on “Greece’s Geostrategic Place and its part in the security and strength of Europe.” The dialog soon swung to

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