On the heels of their effective group subsidizing effort, the profoundly expected arrival of HIIT Container is rapidly drawing nearer and will be accessible to clients by end of June. Pre-requests will be conveyed by end of June 2015, with overall deals going live in July. HIIT Container is an imaginative new protein shaker bottle that breaks new boundaries in quality and goes about as a vehicle for organizer Christian Valencia’s energy to offer back to the athletic group.

The Orange District based organization has made a protein container that is lovely, smooth, protected and generally useful. Utilizing quality material and concentrating on usefulness and plan, the 1/8 stainless steel HIIT Container is vacuum-fixed, twofold divider protected, BPA free and travel prepared for hot or icy fluids. With over $124,000 raised by means of Kickstarter, early patrons are eager to get their hands on what is the most noteworthy nature of protein shaker bottles.

HIIT bottle works with an objective to bring issues to light for vital nearby and worldwide causes. Using the organization’s devices to achieve the athletic group, HIIT container’s bundling plans will include territorial associations and their assigned competitors. HIIT Container’s foreseen appropriation includes 22 unique nations and in this way, the organization arrangements to help the worldwide athletic group by giving a rate of its returns to assigned local associations.

The HIIT Bottle name gets from High Power Interim Preparing, which is generally rehearsed by Broadly educating lovers and targets any individual who has a hunger forever and a commitment to their solid way of life. The organization was established in 2014 by Christian & Hannah Valencia of Orange Area, CA.


Come meet the HIIT Bottle group and see tests of their item.

Fitexpo – August 22nd-23rd

Anaheim, CA

Mr Olympia – September seventeenth twentieth

Las Vegas, NV

HIIT Bottle site – http://hiitbottle.com/

HIIT Bottle Promo Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_RVyNSXCU4

HIIT Bottle photographs and media (ZIP) – https://airtimepr.box.com/s/0qg4cckzx36bi77e06n697x8heebz5ul

For more data or to ask for a meeting with the authors please contact:

Sway Bradley

Broadcast appointment PR



About HIIT Bottle:

Competitors over all ranges of the globe need to put the best supplements into their body and keep themselves legitimately hydrated. HIIT Jug is a creative organization that gives a top notch, proficient, and safe item to its buyers in the “dynamic group.”

We will likely give those strolling into any exercise center, yoga studio or Broadly educating workout of the day (WOD) a contrasting option to the ordinary essential plastic shaker bottle by giving an exceptionally practical and multi reason stainless steel shaker glass.

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