Trauma Introduces New Guitarist

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The American Power Metal-band Injury declared for this present week that guitarist Jeff Jones (establishing individual from the metal shake act “ST. ELMO’S FIRE”) as the new swap for hatchet employing guitar player Kurt Broil. The flight of the whip metallier was because of the guitarist needing to scrutinize other melodic intrigue.

Injury is known to many Substantial Metal-aficionados out there for their commitment to the “Metal Slaughter”- sampler and the arrival of their 1984 presentation collection “Scratch And Shout” which was remastered and re-discharged a year ago with Shrapnel Records. Presently, following three decades, the band from California have chosen to give it another run with their most recent discharge “Satisfaction And Fury” to incorporate a SOLD OUT restricted version of 200 dark duplicates with printed embed on vinyl through Immaculate Steel Records. “Injury has come back to convey more face-dissolving Overwhelming Metal unto the eager masses and having Jeff Jones locally available is going help us by adding some new measurements to our sound and general vibe” says drummer and fellow benefactor Kris Gustofson. What’s more, Kris goes ahead to state that he and Jeff have been companions for some numerous years and regrets that “late practices have been sounding awesome!!!! In this way, all things considered, he is our new person in the band as of this current week. He is a great guitarist and musician too”…

On the band’s New Collection, It’s all there: The intense and charming piercing vocals of Donny Hillier, which can be depicted as a combination of Geoff Tate and Bruce Dickinson, the hard rockin’ guitars and many energizing melodic sections. This collection has all that you require, fulfillment ensured! On “Bliss And Fury”, groove, anthemic songs and infectious hooklines go as an inseparable unit. Join that with a spotless, fresh creation and you got yourself one serious great time.

Injury’s “Scratch and Shout” recording completely has been added to Spotify and added to Pandora. The station is Injury Radio

As of now, Jones has joined Injury and is chipping away at new material for an up and coming collection and visit.

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