On the heels of reporting his dish into Long Shoreline a month ago, Sir Bruno Serato will extend the quantity of “motel” kids he nourishes every night to 1,650 as he starts serving the underprivileged youth of Brea, Yorba Linda and Placentia later in the month. Caterina’s Club, the philanthropic he established out of appreciation for his mom to bolster the kids whose poor, average workers guardians are consigned to living in shoddy, wrongdoing filled motels, additionally nourishes those living in Anaheim, Tustin, Stanton, Buena Stop, Orange, Santa Clause Ana and Garden Woods. The program is encouraged through an association with Young men & Young ladies Clubs.

“The presentation of Caterina’s Club in Brea, Yorba Linda and Placentia happens on what might have been my mom’s 91st birthday on September 22,” said Serato, who readies the pasta dishes every night at his Italian steakhouse, Anaheim White House. “North Orange Area holds an exceptional place in my heart. The principal work I ever arrived upon my landing in the U.S. was in Brea and I made my first home in Placentia.”

Caterina’s Club was begun in 2005 after a visit by Serato and his mom to a neighborhood Young men and Young ladies Club. There, she saw a 7-year-old kid eating a sack of potato chips and when she discovered that the nibble was all he had for supper, she taught her child to go to the eatery and sustain the youngsters pasta. He has sustained them every night since.

At the point when the program was at danger of elimination amid the fall of the economy, Serato sold his home to prop it up. In any case, the issue of appetite in OC – the lawn of awesome riches – still exists as it does in Long Shoreline and numerous Southern California urban communities. Notwithstanding nourishing the hungry, Serato helps “motel families” discover lasting lodging.

The enormous undertaking has earned Serato a universal notoriety for his compassionate work. Notwithstanding being a CNN Legend and knighted by the Italian government, he has graced the pages of Individuals Magazine a few circumstances, showed up on innumerable national TV programs including “CBS Nightly News” and has been profiled in daily papers and magazines the world over. He got a compassionate honor on the means of the U.S. State house, was regarded by the Uplifting news Establishment (LA female commentators who offer money related stipends to worthwhile motivations) and got various declarations, Man of the Year grants and different types of acknowledgment – all of which he has acknowledged to produce open attention to hunger in our groups.

For more data visit CaterinasClub.org or AnaheimWhiteHouse.com.

Anaheim White House is situated at 887 South Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim; (714) 772-1381.



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