With the new year well in progress and wellness, wellbeing and self-awareness objectives at their pinnacle, Bellandos Boutique of Common Health is putting forth a Prologue to Reflection Workshop on Tuesday evening, February 23rd from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The workshop will occur at Bellandos Boutique in their new uplifting sacrosanct space situated in the heart of downtown Carlsbad. Neighborhood Carlsbad occupant and Enthusiastic Solution Specialist Patty Bellando-Field can help you make and pick up clarity for a more fruitful, solid and tranquil work place and home life environment.

“This is the perfect workshop for any individual who is occupied with finding out about the advantages of reflection,” said Bellando-Field. “The two-hour workshop gives knowledge into the science behind contemplation, guideline on the procedure, and in addition the many mending benefits people can involvement in their day by day lives.”

Bellandos Boutique of Characteristic Health, is a blissful, mending and instructing group that gives hallowed space to Shamanic vitality drug and contemplation sessions and a determination of moving attire, fundamental oils, stones and gems, nearby gems, and frill. Different administrations incorporate Shamanic vigorous solution, kicking the bucket deliberately direction, Munay-ki Ceremonies, different other vitality prescription practices, and persuasively guided workshops custom fitted to help with recuperating and making clarity for the most ideal life. Bellandos, Boutique of Common Health offers private and gathering sessions.

To enroll for the Contemplation for Achievement workshop, call (760) 487.- 8322. To take in more about Bellandos, Boutique of Common Wellbeing visit http://www.bellandos.net. Bellandos, Boutique of Regular Wellbeing is situated at 2956 Roosevelt Road, Studio 3 in Carlsbad.

Bellandos Boutique of Regular Health, is an upbeat, mending and instructing group that gives sacrosanct space to Shamanic vitality drug and contemplation sessions and also a determination of rousing apparel, fundamental oils, stones and precious stones, neighborhood gems, and adornments.

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