Celebrating 2016 Friendship Day

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Fellowship Agape Church is satisfied to welcome the group to its yearly Companionship Day festivity on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

“Companionship Day is our most famous Sunday of the year,” clarified Jonathan Lo, Controlling Board Director at Fellowship Agape Church. “FAC is eager to be one of only a handful few houses of worship in the San Jose territory that serves our group with bilingual Mandarin Chinese and English.”

Companionship Day 2016 Festival

Every year, Companionship Agape invites neighbors, guests and companions to its yearly Kinship Day festivity. Bilingual love starts at 11:30am. The all-congregation choir will display “The Sun over the Cloud” with woodwind and piano backup. Minister Fernando del Rosario will convey the current year’s message. Cooked lunch will be given amid the association time.

With the whole love program in both Mandarin Chinese and English, FAC endeavors to address the issues of multi-social people and multi-generational families. For instance, amid Sunday love, music verses show up on-screen in Chinese, English and Pinyin – a first for Silicon Valley. With Pinyin, even non-Chinese speakers can take after along and sing in Mandarin.

About Kinship Agape Church

Established in 1989, Kinship Agape Church (FAC) is a gathering of the Christian Improved Church category. Situated in San Jose, California, FAC serves the nearby group with English and Mandarin Chinese projects for people and families. Sunday School starts at 10:15am and love at 11:30am. The congregation meets at 5150 Camden Road, San Jose, California. For more data, visit http://www.friendshipagape.com or call the congregation office at (408) 979-1257.

? From the North, take expressway 17, 280, 101 or 87 South to parkway 85. Leave Camden Road. Continue south on Camden. In around two pieces, hand left over the middle of the road when you see the Kinship Agape Church and San Jose Christian Transformed Church signs on the left.

? From the South, take road 101 North to thruway 85. Leave Camden Road. Continue South on Camden. In around two pieces, hand left over the middle of the road when you see the Fellowship Agape Church and San Jose Christian Improved Church signs on the left.

Sufficient stopping is accessible along the edge of the congregation.

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