R.F. Advancements, Inc, a QSR drive-through industry pioneer for more than 28 years, is pleased to report their new item, LIO – the progressive drive-through listen in just sound framework. RFT’s R&D specialists have been cooperating to make an option drive-through sound framework that will change the QSR business, and in particular the drive-through. LIO, a listening-in-just gadget will associate more individuals from the eatery to the most basic part of the QSR business at a small amount of the cost of conventional 2-way headsets. Notwithstanding being a more practical arrangement, LIO can bring down speed of administration times while amplifying client and worker fulfillment.

Worked with HD sound, LIO permits colleagues to hear arranges plainly and precisely, without the requirement for boisterous barbecue speakers. For any individual who knows drive-through, this implies better request exactness, enhanced sustenance cost, and general gross benefit for the business. Consolidate that with LIO’s capacity to interface with any drive-through framework, companies can perceive how this is a moderate answer for meet headset command needs.

This new gadget is likewise expandable; associate up to four belt-packs with the present drive-through framework to radically enhance cooperation and efficiency all while sparing the business time and cash. LIO is worked in light of availability. With more than 300 yards of range clients can listen in on the drive-through from the kitchen the distance to the parking garage.

Not exclusively is LIO an incredible time and cost sparing instrument, it is additionally simple to introduce and work. With the thin lightweight belt pack, easy to set up base station, and 3.5mm sound jack, clients can start listening in without specialized help. LIO will make it simpler and more financially savvy for QSR eateries to remain associated with the drive-through.

Established in 1989, R. F. Advances, Inc. is an across the nation pioneer in drive-through repair. The organization offers an extensive variety of administration and items intended to decrease repair and upkeep costs inside the QSR business. With 24-hour benefit, free specialized support, reconnaissance, and 1-day repairs RFT is the trusted source with regards to drive-through.

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Advertising Executive

R.F. Innovations


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