The Hear the Music Venture is advancing over the U.S., returning home to Music City from October eighteenth – December eighteenth to give free hearing screenings, hearing misfortune counteractive action instruction, and hearing assurance through the nearby philanthropy Tunes for Sound.

Each screening matters.

Each could change an existence.

Lexi Vernon was conceived without the capacity to listen. It assumed control over a time of battling for answers and more than once being told by specialists that “she is fine” for her folks to get what their child required – an analysis. A couple of months after the fact, at 19 months old, Lexi was fitted with the respective cochlear inserts that changed her life. She is hard of hearing, however she can listen. (See Lexi’s cochlear embed initiation at

Today Lexi is a normal third grader at Christ Presbyterian Institute who exceeds expectations in b-ball and softball and loves music. “I jump at the chance to shake and roll,” shouts Lexi. “In the event that I am hanging out with my softball group between competition amusements, we lounge around and make recordings. I can’t envision not having the capacity to hear and snicker with them.”

Her folks, Jaime and Kevin Vernon, established Melodies for Sound in 2011 to help different families get to the hearing medicinal services their little girl was at first denied. Established in the conviction that everybody merits an opportunity to hear and mend with music, the philanthropy endeavors to secure and reestablish hearing for the 360 million individuals overall experiencing hearing misfortune. Tunes for Sound does universal mission work at the Jamaica Christian School for the Hard of hearing (Lexi’s more established sibling Jacob is a rehash teacher), brings up cash locally through musician’s occasions, and propelled the Hear the Music Extend this year to bring mindfulness, get to and activity around hearing misfortune to each side of the U.S.

Here is the means by which it works. The venture works a versatile hearing center supported by Phonak (worldwide pioneer in hearing innovation), the Commemoration Establishment, and Cochlear Americas (worldwide pioneer in cochlear inserts). The facility visits group occasions the country over, leading free hearing screenings and showing hearing misfortune counteractive action. The Melodies for Sound group catches up with each member who is alluded for further screening to urge individuals to investigate treatment choices and stay away from a large group of wellbeing dangers related with uncorrected hearing misfortune. (See the center in real life at

Comes about because of the initial three months of the venture highlight the criticalness of it’s main goal. A large number of free hearing tests have been given and almost half (48%) of members were alluded for further testing, including:

86% of veterans

49% of grown-ups

38% of high schoolers

20% of youngsters

“Tunes for Sound peopling hear the music is for children like me who simply need to be a child,” says Lexi Vernon. Kids like Ava Youthful. Ava is additionally a hard of hearing two-sided cochlear embed beneficiary, and when her folks couldn’t stand to send her to Vanderbilt’s Mother Lere Hearing School to get the discourse and dialect treatments she expected to get up to speed, Melodies for Sound ventured into ensure she could go to by counterbalancing previously, then after the fact mind costs.

“It feels great to help other people like an approach to state thank you for the life I have,” Lexi said.

Here is the schedule for the primary month of Hear the Music Extend: 60 Days in Nashville:

Oct. 17 Holy person Clair St. Senior Center 8am-1pm

Oct. 18-19 Operation Stand Down 7:30am-3:30pm

Oct. 20 Knowles Fifty-Forward 9am-1pm

4:13 Strong 6pm-8pm

Oct. 21 Preston Taylor Ministries 3pm-5:30pm

Oct. 22 Hauntings at the Hermitage 4pm-10pm

Oct. 24 Robertson Province YMCA 8am-3pm

Oct. 25 Green Slopes YMCA TBA

Oct. 26 12 Stone Wellbeing 9am-5pm

Oct. 28 Elizabeth Senior Center 9am-1:30pm

Preston Taylor Ministries 3pm-5:30pm

Oct. 29 TAADAS Solid Fair 11am-4pm

Oct. 31 Bethlehem Focuses of Nashville Fall Celebration 5pm-7pm

Nov. 1 Brentwood YMCA 8am-1pm

Nov. 3-4 Sumner Province YMCA 8am-2pm

Nov. 7 Valor Young men & Young ladies Club TBA

Nov. 8 Andrew Jackson Young men & Young ladies Club TBA

Nov. 9 Cleveland Stop Young men & Young ladies Club TBA

Nov. 10 Music for Seniors 8:30am-1pm

Nov. 11 Fairview Young men & Young ladies Clubs TBA

Nov. 12-13 Nashville Zoo 9am-4pm

Nov. 14 Martha O’Bryan Center 4:30pm-7pm

Nov. 15 Martin Center Fifty-Forward 9am-2pm

Nov. 16 Fannie Fight Home for Children TBA

Nov. 17 St. Luke’s People group House 9:30am-1:30pm

Nov. 18 Nashville Protect Mission 9am-1pm

Nov. 19 One Era Away TBA

To join the Hear the Music Development, to have the portable facility, to volunteer, to give, to take in more, visit

About Melodies for Sound

Melodies for Sound is a Nashville based 501c3 philanthropy that endeavors to ensure and reestablish hearing, utilizing music as motivation and effort, to enhance the lives of the 360 million individuals experiencing hearing misfortune. The Hear the Music Extend 2016-2017 visit intends to achieve 50,000 ears the country over.

Sponsorships are accessible by reaching

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