Computerization Gadgets, Inc. (ADI) has discharged a shiny new thing to its material taking care of line of items. Rhino Skates, is a double arrangement of mass material dealing with trucks including six (6) swivel casters. Intended to convey amble, or other stackable material, Rhino Skates as a couple are appraised for 6,000 pounds. Rhino Skates joins the Fork Rhino, a fork lift truck connection, in ADI’s items that give material taking care of arrangements.

Rhino Skates was created for an in-house need to transport bunks of wood around the assembling plant. “We required something that was anything but difficult to move through restricted walkways and around tight corners without being unmanageable and dangerous.” clarifies ADI President Kevin Smith. “Perceiving how effectively more than 2 tons of wood could be moved by hand, the Rhino Skates could be utilized as a part of numerous different applications.”

Rhino Skates can be pushed by hand effortlessly on level, smooth surfaces or can be towed using Mechanization Gadgets’ Fork Rhino fork lift connection. A forklift in conjunction with the Fork Rhino connection makes moving materials up or down slight evaluations simple and controllable.

Rhino Skates are a result of Mechanization Gadgets, Inc. fabricating organization situated in Fairview, Dad whose principle product offering comprises of vibratory feeders and segments. For a more critical take a gander at Rhino Skates, please visit or call Mechanization Gadgets, Inc. at 814-474-5561.

Mechanization Gadgets, Inc. is a vibratory feeder producer situated in Fairview, Dad.

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