“From Hollywood To Rose” is a non mainstream drama that takes after the main woman in the wedding dress with her voyage throughout the night in a significant day in the city of Los Angeles. The film cunningly presents each character and reveals their biography on the transport rides from Hollywood Avenue down to Venice Shoreline. The film has a one of a kind, unconventional yet endearing style that makes the gathering of people chuckle, cry and relate.

Among every one of the characters, the part of Chinese Young lady, featured Chia Chen, was in actuality the show stealer. Her execution as the cheeky, wry Chinese Generalization mail-arrange lady of the hour was simply spot on as a definitive comic drama component. From the earliest starting point of her normal Chinese-English inflection, supremacist Chinese cliché remarks to the sudden Jujitsu ability battle, her nearness in the film is giggling pressed ensured.

“From Hollywood To Rose” is at present set to screen at Manhattan Film Fest on April 22nd in NYC, and returns to the nearby theater at NoHo in June. The film is at present in arrangement of portrayal for different discharges.


Ditty Chen


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