Contractor Awarded Westin Hotel Renovation

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DDB Contracting, of Newton NJ, was granted a remodel for the Westin Inn situated in Princeton NJ. The redesign incorporates a total remodel and moves up to the current inn official parlor and Presidential suite. This venture takes after the current model room redesign finished by DDB, that starts the up and coming 300 room remodel of the office. The building is right now possessed by Remington Property Administration, a broadly perceived cordiality benefit organization almost 80 inns inside their operation. Remington Lodgings gloats brands, for example, Sheraton, Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, and different others. The venture will be finished through the span of a month and a half.

“We generally appreciate chipping away at muddled undertakings of this scale, and Remington is an incredible accomplice to be at work with. We’ve been working with them for quite a long time,” says Ed Albanese, DDB’s venture official.

DDB Contracting is a general contractual worker adjusting the more prominent New Jersey territory for more than 30 years. The organization represents considerable authority in development for the cordiality, business inside, and therapeutic enterprises.


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