A previous beau of Nicole Dark colored Simpson has been captured for a DUI days after he talked against OJ Simpson being allowed parole.

Keith Zlomsowitch, 56, was pulled over late Sunday night in Palm Shoreline Greenhouses, Florida, after police recognized his speeding silver Volvo run a red light, the Palm Shoreline Post reports.

The 56-year-old denied running the red light, however confessed to cops he had ‘a few’ beverages previously getting in the driver’s seat. The officers additionally noticed liquor on his breath, as per the Post.

Zlomsowitch was then set up for the Palm Shoreline Region Prison around 2am on Monday.

He spent around five hours in the slammer before discharged alone recognizance soon after 7am.

The DUI capture came days after the 56-year-old said he trusted Simpson would not be conceded parole amid his listening ability in Nevada a week ago.

Regardless of being “hopeful” preceding the hearing OJ would stay in jail, after parole was conceded he told the Post he ‘knew it in (his) heart’ the Juice would soon be free.

He likewise addressed the daily paper around one of the disputable remarks made by Simpson amid the hearing, in which the previous NFL star said he was not an angry individual.

‘I don’t have the foggiest idea, Is aggressive behavior at home not fierce?’ he said.

‘Is beating your better half or stalking not fierce?’

He included he proved unable “unravel” the 2009 case that saw OJ put in a correctional facility, and the 1995 murder trial.

Zlomsowitch, who was one of the many individuals met in ESPN’s honor winning ‘OJ: Made in America’ narrative, met Darker Simpson in Aspen in 1992. Amid the film, he said they met after she fled to the Colorado ski fall back on ‘make tracks in an opposite direction from’ her significant other.

He additionally worked three Mezzaluna eateries at the time, and Ron Goldman, who was discovered dead with Nicole, worked at one of Zlomsowitch’s restaurants.

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