ISIS has discharged another purposeful publicity video which indicates to demonstrate the 10-year-old child of an American fighter debilitating Donald Trump.

In the debilitated film the youngster, whose father is said to have battled in Iraq, tells the US President the fight will ‘end in your territories’.

The kid additionally calls Mr Trump a ‘manikin of the Jews’ in the clasp, said to have been taped in Raqqa, Syria.

As per SITE Insight Gathering, the kid, called Yusuf, emigrated to Syria two years back with his mom.

In the video, he depicts the consistent airstrikes against Islamic State and claims the fight will move toward the West.

Executive Rita Katz said on Twitter:  ‘For ISIS, youngsters are intense explanatory gadgets until the point that mature enough to fill extreme need: battle as warriors.’

In another video, ISIS enthusiasts applauded the culprits of the Barcelona assaults and said the battle against Spain would proceed ‘to the apocalypse’.

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